I Have died a thousand times

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"I HAVE DIED A THOUSAND TIMES - Half way through this song and I was thinking what a beautiful ballad it was. It reminded me a little of The Stone Roses, then at around 3 minutes 10 the song changed to a style which was reminiscent of the late 80s Manchester band. 30 seconds later and a mega Rock finale ensues of Guns N' Roses proportions, one that Slash would be proud of. A brilliant song with a couple of surprising twists that change your view, which is why a good reviewer always listens to the whole song before making a genre claim!"
By Andrew Goodwin for NEW MUSIC EAR newmusicear.wordpress.com

"I Have Died A Thousand Times - I like the interaction between the acoustic and electric guitars while the drums pound out a simplistic yet powerful beat. The bass lays down a groovy bottom while the keys add a little mystic. More than anything this reminds me of a track of Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion. I really like the massive jam that comes in towards the end. The man can make some noise! "
The Grouch Sweden


I have died thousand times

Down that road we’ve been before
And the longing getting deeper to the core
As The people trading feelings over gold
Standing up against the wall

In between
All that’s here and all that’s gone
I have died for thousand times
Close to you
No matter how we far
Far way for thousand miles

When the night about to fall
And all the lights are turning on
You hold me
There’s no trying to escape
All the way to my destroy

Shades of You
As I try to reach it’s gone
Far way for thousand miles
Close to you
No matter how we far
For I have died thousand times

The less we need the more we want
I saw the writing on the wall
The bounce we build about to fall
As it comes the moment gone

When the night falling down
I’m Close to you
No matter how we far
When the lights are turning on
In between
All is here and all that gone
I have died for thousand times
Far way for thousand miles
I have died for thousand times


from End of The Times, released May 19, 2017
Words and Music By Adi Mosko
Arrangement and Producing by Adi Mosko
Mix at Grace Studios by Adi Mosko

The Corridors:
Adi Mosko - Vocals,Guitars
Roi Tal - Bass
Daniel Nahmod - Guitars
Peleg Mor - Drums

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Belvidere NJ 07823

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The Corridors Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

The story is about sharing one vision, keeping the dream alive, Experience the rock'n'roll sensation, These corridors you should walk down and open the doors to some great creative rock music, Superb lyrics and harmonies combine with Electronic effects, strong guitars riffs, Walk down the corridors, it will lead you to the unifying, Crossing through space and time, ... more

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